Why Provide a Court Reminder Service?
 At any given time,  approximately 10% of inmates in the Durham County Detention Center are there because they failed to appear in court. There are several reasons why individuals miss a court date.  Many simply forgot.  Failure to appear in court charges often result in jail stays for low-level crimes. Frequently, those jailed cannot afford bond. Job loss and other negative consequences often follow jail time.  For an overburdened court system, it means rescheduling the cases and unnecessary delays in adjudication.

How Does the Court Reminder Service Work?
The Durham County Court Date Reminder Service allows any individual with an upcoming court date to register on line for reminders as the court date approaches. The reminders can be text, email, voicemail or any combination. Reminders are sent 72 hours and 24 hours in advance of the court date. Registration only takes a few moments.  Once the court date has passed, the user will no longer receive notifications of that event. The user may opt out of the notification system any time they choose.


Our Court Reminder Service Sponsor
The Court Date Reminder Program is a Safety & Justice Challenge Innovation Fund project sponsored by the John D. and Catherine T. McArthur Foundation.  The Safety and Justice Challenge is an initiative to reduce over-incarceration by changing the way America thinks about and uses jails. The initiative features a competition to help jurisdictions across the country create fairer, more effective local justice systems.  

Our Court Reminder Service Partners
The Court Date Reminder Service utilized partnerships between Durham Countys Criminal Justice Resource Center, the Countys Information Services and Technology Department and the local court system. They collaborated to develop an application that makes registration for the program convenient, quick and easy.  

This application was created to send reminders for any upcoming court dates. The Public Justice System is in no way affiliated with this application.